Verger Champetre: The Best Farmhouse and Orchard Experience in Quebec

Quebec is known for many things, but if you are here on a family vacation, you need to make time for an orchard experience. Farmhouses and orchards in Quebec are known for being interesting getaways for guests in the city. Verger Champetre, located at Granby, is among the best known orchards in the region, and in this post, we take a look at the various activities and points of interest.

An overview of Verger Champetre

Owners of Verger Champetre – Thérèse and Mario- believe in collecting ideas. Their enchanting sites has expanded since then. Today, the place is not just about u-pick and orchard experience, but also has extensive petting zoos with more than 250 animals. Like some of the orchards that have been completely commercialized, Verger Champetre is all about minimalism. They are only open for selected months of the year, and the owners only accept guests as they can manage. Around and during Christmas, they offer the ultimate family experience, with guests having the choice to decorate Christmas trees as they like.

Stay at the farmhouse

Verger Champetre has cottage on offer on the countryside, and a stay here is all about enjoying the rustic settings. There are numerous trials around, and they ensure that guests have access to all the basic services that they need. They also have opened a café that serves freshly-made food, right from pies and lasagna to quiches, pizzas and even desserts. If you are taking your kids along, you can also book a few activities. Walk with an animal is an engaging activity here, where you can enjoy a stroll along the orchard with one of their friendly animals. Alpacas and miniature horses here are rather friendly and like to enjoy walks with guests.

Other things to know

The best thing about Verger Champetre is the location, because while you are away from the city, you can still experience the beauty of Quebec. The place is only open between June and December, and they accept selected guests each day, so it is never overcrowded. Also, the place is fully booked on weekends, and if you want to stay for more than two days, consider booking for a week for a better price.

You can check the website of Verger Champetre to know more on their bookings. The good thing is their prices are absolutely transparent, so there is no reason to worry about additional costs.

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