Cat food distributor which one to choose

The feline enthusiasts all know that the cat is a nibbler by nature. Different from humans who usually eat three times a day, they love to eat small amounts many times in a day.

In this case, the bowl is not always suitable for this kind of meal. Fortunately, the automatic cat feeder exists to feed your pet especially if you are not there. It is an ultra practical accessory available in a variety of models. There is one automatic cat feeder for the holidays that can be a cat food distributor for 7 days, 15 days or 3 weeks depending on the length of your holiday.

You also have a smart cat dispenser that works with Wifi or via an iPhone application. According to the comparison of distributors and various forums on the web, this is the most popular model of the moment as it is reliable and programmable.

The advantages of the food dispenser

WOPET 7L Automatic Cat Feeder A36

What are the good reasons why masters buy a cheap cat food dispenser? First, choosing an automatic cat food dispenser relieves your spirit when you’re away.

Indeed, this model of distributor can automate the meal of your little twink. Your cat feeds at a fixed time. In addition, an electronic chat kibble dispenser gives you the opportunity to better control your cat’s rations.

His food is better distributed to have a well measured ration thanks to multiple compartments.

Choosing a smart cat dispenser


WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder F03—4 Meal

Before choosing a smart cat dispenser for discount chat, it is necessary to check its capacity.

Indeed, it is advisable to adopt a distributor of croquettes for cat in stainless steel appropriate to the quantity of croquettes which your twink needs daily.

You can easily find the model of your dreams by visiting Amazon.


The kibble dispenser is no longer this manual accessory for kitty who has been a great success before. Currently, it has become a high-end device with a range of features as attractive as each other.

Among these features, you have for example the possibility of remote control via a remote control.

This is the case of a distributor of croquettes for cat design.


To make the best choice of a distributor, price can be an essential criterion.

It is possible to spot a dedicated cheap kitty cat kitty for a fat cat to do some exercise in order to lose weight.

This can be a labyrinth-shaped cat kibble dispenser with built-in timer.

The best cat food distributors

Maya pvc feeder – KERBL

To replace the classic bowl of your cat, here is an automatic feeder that has everything to please your twink. Offered by the brand Kerbl, this food vending machine perfectly combines practicality and strength.

Indeed, it is manufactured with PVC known for its robustness and durability over time. With a large capacity of 3.5 liters, this device is very easy to use. Just load it from the top by simply removing the lid without having to disassemble it.

Morning and evening, your cat will be delighted with this vending machine just like you. Moreover, its coffee color is integrated in any style of interior .

To highly recommend!

Tunnel Feeder – Trixie

If the manual kibble dispenser is not really recommended now, what you need is a more innovative distributor who is involved in the welfare of your pet.

With this in mind, the Trixie brand has designed Cat Activity Tunnel Feeder which is a kitten toy and a kibble distributor. This device has several advantages for your cat. Starting with its ability to regulate the daily amount of food your kitty .

As a toy, this distributor stimulates the senses of your cat as well as his physique so that he is in top form. This toy distributor can be used from 3 months.

A distributor who has everything to please.

Programmable Food Dispenser – Petmate

Here is a model of programmable and functional kibble dispenser that will definitely please your pet. If you go on vacation, you no longer have to worry about the meal of your cat, this device takes care of everything while you are away.

In fact, this dispenser is programmable by deciding on the times when your cat can eat three meals a day with a precise dosage. However, its large capacity of 2.25 kg can contain 3 weeks of croquettes for minet .

In summary, this food dispenser is a very practical device with a sturdy design in brushed nickel.

In addition, its operation is very quiet, we hear that croquettes that fall alone.

Catit Food Dispenser – Catit

Your cat will immediately adopt this catit food dispenser . This is a multifunctional bowl designed to please your cat. Whether for croquettes or pâtés, this bowl is a practical accessory.

Indeed, this bowl is provided with a kibble cache that allows your pet on all fours to eat less and independently.

He is obliged to look for small portions of food with his paw that are hidden in the kibble hole.

In this way, your cat does not eat too fast to prevent overweight while slowing down his digestion. In short, it’s the best way to feed your cat when you’re away.

Cat game (transparent / black) – Buster

Your cat will certainly love this cylinder shaped food dispenser. If you find that your cat does not go out a lot and does not do a lot of physical exercise, this cat game can suit him perfectly.

Indeed, this toy distributor has several interests that you completely ignore. In the first place, this device stimulates the curiosity of your cat. In addition, this distributor helps to better check his daily diet.

By delivering croquettes as you go, your cat eats more slowly and also spends looking for croquettes. It’s a well-designed device that keeps your cat from gorging.

A practical device, solid and above all at a low price.

Mobile distributor of croquettes – PIPOLINO-M

Looking for a mobile and adjustable food distributor? Focus on this highly successful Pipolino Model M, based on several reviews of the Cat Food Dispenser.

Made by a veterinary specialist, this accessory is a mental and physical activity for your pet. Indeed, the latter rolls the accessory on the ground to release the croquettes.

As a result, your cat slowly eats at a limited amount to better digest food. By playing it several hours a day, your cat can lose a few extra pounds to be in excellent health.

It is an effective and silent toy that can be used at any time of the day.

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