All you need to know about specialist dog training

When you make the decision to start training your dog, whether they are puppies who need training from scratch, or adult dogs who need a bit of retraining, there is a range of training services around that may be a little confusing to dog owners who have never given their furry friends professional dog training before.

Specialist dog training is a specific type of dog training where the trainers can offer you and your dog a more personalised experience throughout the training process. The term “specialist dog training” encompasses a wide range of training services. Specialist dog trainers can offer you and your dog essentially every kind of training type – from courses to one on one training.

Behavioural services

But it goes even further than that, with specialist dog training, dog trainers can even offer you one to one behavioural consultant services, where your trainer will oversee how your dog typically acts to help gauge what might be causing the behavioural issues. Once the issue is figured out, the trainer can start making training suggestions and putting together a programme for your dog.

Puppy training

As soon as a puppy has been fully vaccinated, they can start being trained by a specialist. Some training schools will allow training to be started after a puppy’s first injection, and before their second, but the training will start in your home, due to it being such a crucial time in the puppy’s life.

Basic puppy commands are taught, such as responding to their name, sit, coming back when called, and just general good manners that your puppy will need to be a good member of society.

Training courses

You’ll find training courses or classes pretty much everywhere when it comes to dog training, but there are various levels and types that you should discuss with the instructor or specialist in charge. Typical dog training classes put owners and dogs in a large group together with other owners and dogs who are looking to push themselves in the right direction.

Ultimately, a dog training class can help your “furever” friend become a better part of society while mastering several essential doggy commands, such as sit, stay, and responding to their name in various situations. Without these, you’ll find your dog much harder to control in public if they haven’t been properly trained.

Personal training

Personal dog training is a little different to classes or courses where your dog would be with other dogs and owners. In personal dog training, a specialist will devise a training course just for you and your dog on a one to one basis. It’s a tailored programme that can help you with your dog’s behavioural issues, such as pulling on the lead or being destructive in the home.

If you’re serious about having a dog who is very well trained, personal dog training programmes will help iron out any kinks in your dog’s behaviour and teach them basic commands that they should know.

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