How to Best Judge Horses for Sale before Seeing Them

You are looking to buy a horse and you want to make a decision on a certain pony or cob but you don’t want to waste time travelling out to see the horse if it materialises he is not going to be the one you want. So how can you judge a potential purchase by going on the available information you have to hand?

You should first determine which type of horse you want to buy. When using the guide listing all the horses for sale, filter the type of horse you wish to purchase first and decide whether you wish to have a pure or part breed.

There are several different breeds available on the marketplace and if you know which one you want specifically, select that breed and filter down your results accordingly.

Look carefully at the photos of the horse online. The coat should be glossy and the tail and mane should looked well-groomed and smart in appearance. Although most photos will not reveal whether the horse has new shoes on or not, a video of the horse in canter, trot and walk should determine how comfortable he achieves these standard tasks.

All listings of the horses up for sale should detail the essential information necessary: the breed, height, sex, birth year and passport details. A horse should be regularly seen by a farrier, handled daily and possess good natural movement. These are strong selling points and questions you can ask the seller before you decide it is worth a viewing.

If you are buying a horse for show jumping then the seller should list which class he has obtained in the event. Some horses are happy to hack alone and others are listed as excellent in traffic. This makes them an ideal horse for country lane riding. It is a serious question and if the potential sale is to go through to a personal viewing, this information needs to be submitted.

At Horse Scout it is possible to filter down your results to the very one you actually want. Filtering can be done to show only a certain age range, height level and gender specific.

If a horse is too expensive then results can be filtered back to show only the ones for sale at under a certain price. You may even want to exclude very cheap horses, as there could be issues with these, so check before you view.

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