Follow these dog grooming tips to keep your furry friend looking great

If you own a dog, then you must essentially know how to keep it healthy happy and well maintained. There are many pet stores offering every sort of Dubai pet food, pet accessories, grooming essentials and all other types of pet supplies under one roof. In this article, we shall be focusing on the grooming of your dog.

To groom your dog properly, you need to have accurate knowledge, and proper grooming tools. After your dog is nicely trimmed and cleaned he would feel happy and healthy. Moreover, a proper grooming will keep him fit and healthy. There are many services that provide properdog grooming Dubai to keep him neat and clean, and looking great. These professionals very well understand grooming protocol that the breed of dog would be needing. On average every dog (be it of any breed) requires to be groomed at least twice a month. You must follow the below mentioned dog grooming tips to keep your furry friend looking good and feeling healthy in between the grooming appointments,

  • Brush his coat

To remove dirt, debris, dead hair and unpleasant odors from the coat and the skin, brushing is quite necessary. The natural oils can be distributed evenly by thorough brushing your dog’s coat, thus making it shiny and healthy. If you do it properly, then the formation of mats and tangles can also be avoided and hence the nest grooming appointment with professionals will go smoothly.

If you own a long-haired pooch then along with brushing, you also must comb his hair using a metal comb to locate any matts. However, make sure that you keep the combing process gentle.

  •    Brush his teeth

Don’t wait for the next grooming appointment. Ideally, you should brush your dog’s teeth regularly at least once every day, but if you do it 2 – 3 times a week, it will make a big difference. Unlike normal human toothpaste, that made for dogs do not include any unsafe ingredients which could make him sick if he swallowed. Therefore, you must make use of a dog’s toothpaste and a dog’s toothbrush, which has soft bristles. You can also use dog’s dental sprays and chew treats to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

  • Clean his ears to prevent infection

Although the ears of your dog would be thoroughly cleaned during the grooming appointment, you still must keep them cleaned at least once every 15 days. This becomes even necessary if you own a dog with longer or heavier ears that flop over the ear canal. This is because a build-up of bacteria or wax in the ears can lead to infection. For cleaning his years, simply dab a cotton ball with your cleansing solution and start cleaning the outside area and then gradually work your way towards the inner area.  Do not use the cotton swab in deeper areas of the ear, but gently clean inside the ear folds on the outer ear flaps. After cleaning also ensure to dry them

  • Wash his face to eliminate bacteria

Washing your dog’s face becomes essential, if he has wrinkles or skin folds on the face, for example, bulldogs. This is because when moisture accumulates within those folds, it sets up a perfect environment for the bacteria to settle. This may lead to different types of infections or dermatitis. Therefore, ensure that this area is always clean and dry. You can make use of cleaning wipes for this purpose.

  • Give him a shower to keep him Odor free

You can make use of dry shampoos for dogs and doggie towelettes available at pet store offering supplies of dog grooming Dubai and keep your furry friend smelling great. Some of these products also contain moisturizers and conditioners to enhance the appearance and health of your dog’s coat. These products will eliminate all kinds of allergens, dirt, and pee and poop residue and will keep your dog looking good in-between the grooming appointments.

GoodDubai pet food stores provide supplies for every kind of pets including dogs, cats, birds, rodent etc. so go and grab dog grooming essentials from a good pet store and simply follow the above-mentioned grooming tips in-between professional grooming appointments.

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