Fine Dealings With the Amazon Marketing

The cherished goal of all the sellers working in e-commerce is the rapid realization of the product in a short time. If you are a seller on the Amazon, you just need to have the product appear in the top ten. Customers of the service are focused on buying, they are trying to find a certain product and buy it as quickly as possible. As in Google, and on Amazon – buy only the product that is in the top 10 issuance. Hence the importance of SEO optimization on the “Amazon”. With the best Amazon acos formula this is the best deal.

Vendors at Amazon are deprived of the opportunity to use a multifaceted sales process. The local workflow is one perfect transaction. This is particularly true for private brands that are betting not on increasing their recognition or purchasing commitment, but on the characteristics of their products. Therefore, it is extremely important to create an optimized product page on “Amazon”, and optimized “from head to toe” in order to achieve two main goals:

Convert the visitor to the buyer

So how does a buyer who does not know you (and frankly speaking, do not care about you) find your product? Using the search bar on “Amazon”!

Search is the main way that buyers find products. In fact, 44% of buyers start searching directly on “Amazon”, bypassing “Google”. And believe me, it’s about consumers who are ready to make a purchase. These consumers are attracted by the opportunity to order goods on Amazon in one click (one click checkout function). The diagram below shows which percentage of buyers are buying goods precisely through a search.

Forrester survey in 2013 covered only those consumers who started searching for products with Google. Survey Survava, conducted in 2015, and included results for search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Orange color shows the users who turned to “Amazon”, blue – to search engines.

What you need to do to be found on the “Amazon”

  • Before creating the product description page directly, you will probably need some time to find the most relevant key queries to find your products.
  • Once you have selected the key keywords relevant to your product and having a significant amount of search, you will want to place them on your product page: Title, Key Product Features, Product Description, Keywords (on the server), etc. Selection good keywords for targeting will greatly increase the visibility of your product in organic issuance and, therefore, increase the number of your visitors, and ultimately the number of sales.
  • For example, to find a product, we ask in the search key phrase “bamboo sticks for marshmallow” (bamboo marshmallow sticks). In the Product Name block , we focus specifically on this key phrase, as well as related keywords. Apparently, the seller managed to optimize the listing of this product, because at present he is on the top position in the results of organic search for the keyword “bamboo marshmallow sticks”.

What do you think? How did he do it? “Amazon” uses many factors to determine the results of organic search, including price, sales history, purchase speed, reviews, ratings and much more. In this article we will highlight SEO optimization rules on Amazon and give you some useful tips on how to get your product ranked precisely by the keywords that you chose for it.

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